Information you provide to us.

Your privacy is important to us. By providing personal information such as your name and e-mail address via the form(s) on this website, you agree to us contacting you with regard to the information you request.

GDPR Compliance:

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require us to inform all customers and clients on how we collect; store and use their personal data.

4.1.      We will only collect personal data that has been supplied directly to us by you or an agent on your behalf as part of an instruction to provide our services for your benefit. This typically comprises name; address and contact details such as phone number and email address.

4.2.      We do not require, nor will we ask for other personal identification data such as NI number; passport number; driving licence details; or date of birth.

4.3.      Any financial information you have provided in paying for our services is retained by our banking service Barcleys Bank PLC only. This data is never held by us.

4.4.      We will never collect additional information about you from any third party.

4.5.      The data necessary for use to provide you the services you have requested is stored securely by our internal password protected system in database, email and document formats. All access to this data is restricted to only directors of the company, encrypted and access is strictly monitored internally.

4.6.      We will only use your information where we are allowed to by law to fulfil a legal obligation; because we have a legitimate business interest or where you agree to it. We will only use your data to assist in providing the service you have requested or in offering you information that we feel is relevant in the ongoing services we provide.

4.7.      We gather statistics on general website traffic and internet searches to help improve our website content for the benefit of clients. This data does not include any form of personal identification.

4.8.      We will never sell your data to third parties. We do not rely on third parties to process your personal data; in marketing or for client communications.

You can manage your personal data by exercising the standard rights applicable under GDPR regulations. Please contact:


Company Number: 08711097.

OS Licence Number : 100056616